PROMYS Foundation


A group of PROMYS alumni started the PROMYS Foundation because we all had wonderful experiences at PROMYS (The Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists) as students. We hope to help young, talented students enjoy the same experience by raising funds for scholarships. By helping PROMYS expand their current financial aid program with additional need-based scholarships, we make it our mission to ensure that every student who could benefit from PROMYS has the opportunity to do so, regardless of financial need.

With the support of the PROMYS Foundation, PROMYS at Boston University has regularly increased its financial aid program. In addition, we provide the Breakout Fellowships and Yongren Fellowships for students to attend PROMYS. We have also run the Mehta Fellowships since 2015.

Before we created the PROMYS Foundation, the founding director of PROMYS, Prof. Glenn Stevens (trustee), developed PROMYS for Teachers, which engages secondary school teachers in an intensive experience of mathematical exploration that they can apply to their own classrooms. As the PROMYS Foundation has grown, we have also made it a primary objective to develop mentorship, outreach, and international offshoot programs that are strongly rooted in the PROMYS philosophy.

Starting in 2015, the PROMYS family of programs grew to include PROMYS Europe, an offshoot for students in Europe and PROMYS Math Circle, a mentoring program for students in high-needs public schools in Massachusetts. The most recent addition to the PROMYS family is PROMYS India, which will launch in 2023.